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season What changes?

The season 2017 ends in a few days. The Camping Heidewald goes into hibernation, however, remains open! But it is quiet and with that comes the time for repairs, maintenance, urgently overdue repairs and some new features.

As of 06.11.2017 until 02.28.2018 the following shall apply:

  • The reception is open only 9:00 to 11:00 daily. For more detailed information, please visit the poster.
  • The water supply in the whole place is shut down. Only the toilet block I near the reception is during the function throughout the winter months.
  • The parking spaces behind the front desk or the trailer parking at the rear of the parking lot can still be used. Perhaps the autumn still beautiful day, perfect for camping gives us yes.

Then by March next year, the new season 2018. Important preparations will start to be made in the coming months. Information can be found here.

Vice-you-A in the home port Successful meetings historical buds

About 30 fans of the first caravan generation from Sassenberg - made in carpentry Austermann, the founder of Camping Park heath forest - met last weekend (25.-08.27.2017) with its historic caravans, friends and like-minded people at the campsite Heidewald. Weather, atmosphere, discussions among experts and a sociable barbecue - everything was just right. 

Organizer Helmut Schmücker and the present park-owner Christian Peitz-Austermann, were satisfied with the weekend. Even the now very old former operator Elfriede Austermann did not miss the opportunity to be there and memories to revel.

A special thanks to the organizer Helmut Schmücker for his tireless work to keep the memories of the "bud Sassenberg" alive. With much enthusiasm and meticulousness he has many hours of the history of the first folding caravan, bud zusammenge-, bear and worked up. Today's global companies LMC in Sassenberg conducts its beginnings to the ideas oyster's back: It all started with the legendary Bud

estimated nearly 70 folding caravan from Austermann's factory there are still, however, all are no longer roadworthy. Since the good response to the meeting in are Sassenberg and the good network in the care of Helmut Schmücker already noteworthy.

Interested visitors were warmly invited at the weekend, a look at the beginnings of throwing upscale camping culture. Images of the meeting will be available soon on our website.

Click here to go to the pictures from the bud Meeting 2017

Children's entertainment a success and all the children are

During the NRW summer holidays we offer all children and adults multi times a week a special fun with our children animations. Whether Ball games from football to beach volleyball, games afternoons with Gummitwist, stop dancing, charades and crafts or games on the Web site, the children - as well as interested adults - are with heart and soul.

More recently, Antonio one of the heath forest employees. In the storm he has all the captured children's hearts. In the past week an exciting scavenger hunt were on the whole area of the camping park, a creative afternoon with colors and games and an afternoon with stick baking bread at the campfire on the weekly program. Exciting afternoons with bright children's eyes.

For the period of summer holidays in NRW, the actions will be continued with children: On Saturday, 26.08, a bonfire is lit again by popular demand. To bake delicious bread stick. At 19:00 we go and all - large and small are invited. Please sign up briefly in the reception or 02583-1394 on, so we know how much dough must be recognized.

August 25 to August 27 2017 Historical bud meeting

After the war, the early 60s Heinz Austermann expanded Sassenberg the first caravans - the so-called Bud.. In emerging Germany was folding caravan in good demand. Again and again Austermann was from its customers asking where to because with the newly purchased caravan in a pleasant atmosphere could camp. In short, he set himself a campground, today's Camping Heidewald.

This caravan of the first generation is now loving yet by its owners maintained and used. It is a relic of the time when in the years of economic miracle caravan camping as a special kind of recreation rising 
importance approached. Despite all the advances towards comfortable and luxurious caravans connoisseur of historical Bud keep faith with each other contact and meet at the Camping Heidewald to reminisce.

From August 25 to 27 this year, numerous buds are back at the campsite to see and be admired. Interested parties are welcome to take a look to throw to the beginnings of the camping industry.

Children's entertainment on the camp Heidewald Summer holiday program starts

DST = holiday season: on Monday July 24, the holiday program for our starts younger guests. Participation in the holiday program is non-binding and free for all children and guests of the Camping Park heath forest.

Provided at least two deals a week - Saturdays forever. It will be offered games and crafts afternoons and many other actions. Our entertainers are students from the area, the fun of the game with children have. Interested parents are also invited. participate. The dates will be announced on the notice board in a timely manner.

If the weather is not 'play', we are looking for alternatives as far as this is possible. Registration is not required.

Early reservation recommended !! Already thinking of Pentecost 2018!

Dear campers,

Pentecost is used by many campers as a very popular long weekend, to do with the family getaway. Next year brings holiday arrangements at Pentecost a 1-week holiday season. With just a few holiday days you can plan a little relaxing holiday with the family. Therefore our recommendation: Reserve early! 

Get now your favorite spot, your premium, RV, or standard parking space! Look at our summer nights, take advantage of our discounts! Their bookings at Pentecost in 2018 should be a period of 
extended min. 5 nights. Reservations over the entire holiday week will be given preference.
Please Email to:

1. Warendorfer Streedfood Festival "Cheatday" High crowds despite bad weather

On the last weekend in June was for the first time on the Lohwallwiesen in Warendorf a Street Food Festival. Many stand operators and food trucks were there and brought their street food delicacies from around the world to Warendorf. The weather could not spoil the appetite and with music the many curious people , young and old showed open to new taste sensations. For vegetarians and vegans could only marvel at the many new impressions. A repeat is not yet terminated, but certainly provided.

Summer weekends full of events

Do you feel sometimes so that you at the many events on the weekend can hardly decide: Where to? Who on the weekends the highlights of the environment wants to experience, is the calendar of events Münsterland find. For information on the individual events under the links.

In addition to all weekend events is on sale in the next few weeks the offer, the Sculpture Projects Münster 2017 to visit that take place every ten years. Until October 1, you should not miss these exhibits in the open air! 

Wine Road on Emssee a great success

From Thursday to Sunday, June 11th all lovers of fine wines were in the Emsseepark invited to "Warendorf Wine Route". Z to "feasting on the Lake" played the guitar duo on "Night Shake" and the Münster Latin and funk band "Compaz" - the guests liked it very much. The illumination of the Emssees, traveled by ship lit models was another highlight of the varied program on Saturday night. 

On Sunday next to the craft miles invited to marvel and on the opposite lying Emsseeseite the water sports club celebrated its 40th anniversary with an "open day". Interested parties, executives found interesting this Sunday Impressions around the Emssee. The visitors were very enthusiastic. Two nearest to the year!

Guest draw Camping Heidewald from Impromptu among the 100 best in Europe

In January, the decision was made: The Camping Heidewald one of the 100 best campsites in Europe! Off the cuff out of the camp Heidewald reached the rank 79 among Europe's best. Total 68 campsites in Germany, four of them from NRW could assert itself among the top 100 courses.

Is now the deed before and therefore are things in black and white on thick paper. The joy of the team is great. We thank all our guests who have written a review and so the mention among the 100 best in Europe enabled only. We are thrilled to receive this award! For you to show us your appreciation and give us motivation for our work.

The Camping.Info Award is among the most coveted awards in the industry. The platform has 13 million views by far the most popular camping site in German-speaking countries. The annually by the online camping guide awarded Award sees itself as a public price, so there is no jury and no discretionary decisions. Only your guest reviews count!

Thanks also to all those guests who help us with your constructive proposals and suggestions to meet your needs better. In recent months, everything has yet to be implemented, but we hope very much that we will meet with our small and major changes and innovations to your needs. Tell us what you think!

We look forward to seeing you all again and to spend beautiful days and hours with you again. Your vacation is important to us!

The Camping Heidewald one of the 100 best campsites in Europe!