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1. Conclusion of contract/bookings
A binding contract is only concluded if we have confirmed your offer in writing or electronically and the deposit has been paid within 10 days. Agreements made by telephone are not permitted.

Bookings for pitches and rental properties:
A booking must include at least 2 consecutive nights. On public vacations and in the vacations NRW can deviate from the minimum length of stay. The guest has no right to a specific pitch, the operator can provide an equivalent substitute.

2. Group bookings
Group bookings of more than ten people or more than three pitches may not be made online without written permission, even in multiple transactions.
If this regulation is not observed, we may cancel the booking and charge compensation in the amount of a cancellation fee according to point 1. (100% of the accommodation price) for the unauthorized booking. Campingpark Heidewald reserves the right to retain a deposit for group bookings.

3. Dogs
Dogs are generally allowed on our campsite. Dogs are not allowed in the sanitary buildings and in the cottages except for the rentals designated for dogs. In case of violation of § 20 LhundG NRW offences and/or not only insignificant impairment of other guests by dogs, we reserve the right to terminate the contract without notice for good cause and to issue and enforce a house ban. There is a general leash obligation on the entire premises.

4. Payments
For the contractual services, only the descriptions and price quotations of the price lists valid for the travel period apply. Information given by telephone, additional agreements and other assurances of any kind are only part of the contract if they have been confirmed by us in writing. You will receive your binding booking confirmation within 4-5 days.

After receipt of the booking confirmation, please transfer the deposit per pitch/rental object indicated in the booking confirmation within 10 days to the following account, stating the purpose of payment:

Campingpark Heidewald
BIC: GENODEM1AHL, IBAN: DE09 4126 2501 0001 9342 00
Deposit for pitches: 25,00 Euro within 10 days

Final payment 14 days before the beginning of the contract. If the reservation is less than 14 days before the start of the contract, the full invoice amount is due immediately.

Down payment rental objects: 50% of the invoice amount within 10 days

Final payment 14 days before the beginning of the contract. If the reservation is less than 14 days before the start of the contract, the full amount of the invoice is due immediately.

5. Deposit
Campingpark Heidewald reserves the right to charge a deposit for other reasonable reasons. If a deposit has been paid, the lessor may retain it in particular in the following cases: Late evacuation of the rental property by the tenant, damage or soiling of the rental property, not only insignificant violations of the site rules, e.g. disturbance of the peace.

6. Arrival
Arrival and departure dates stated in the booking confirmation are binding. The pitch/rental object is available from 15:00 and will be kept free until 18:00. The guest is obliged to inform immediately about a deviating or later arrival.

7. Departure
The pitch must be vacated by 12 noon. The departure can take place later, if the pitch is not otherwise occupied and a late departure permission was given by the reception. Arrival and departure days will be charged separately.
The rented accommodations must be broom-cleaned, with clean dishes and disposed of household garbage until 11 o’clock. In case of non-compliance a cleaning fee of up to 100,00 Euro will be charged.

8. Rebooking
A rebooking, i.e. the change of an existing contract, can take place after availability with our agreement. For the change of the contract we have to charge you the resulting costs with 25,00 Euro handling fee.

9. Withdrawal
You can withdraw from the contract at any time. In your own interest and to avoid misunderstandings, the withdrawal must be declared in writing. Decisive for the time of withdrawal is the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by us. The best way is to send it by e-mail:
If you withdraw from the contract, we can charge a reasonable compensation of the following list:

Cancellation pitches:
Up to 7 days before arrival you can cancel for a handling fee of 25,00 Euro per pitch, after that 50% of the invoice amount is due until one day before arrival.
In case of a later cancellation or if you do not start your trip without informing us, or if you cancel your booking only on the day of arrival, or if you do not make use of all or part of the services, we retain our full claim to the booking price.

Stands which are not occpied one day after the start of the reservation and for which no agreement on a later occupation has been made, can be used by the site management for other purposes. In this case of a later arrival of the guest the accommodation takes place on another stand place. Likewise, stands that are vacated prematurely may be occupied by other guests.

occupied. The occupation of unoccupied pitches by Campingpark Heidewald does not imply the provision of a substitute tenant, as long as this guest could have been accommodated on another plot of the campsite.

Cancellation of rentals:
You can cancel the contract up to 60 days before the start of your trip. You will then be refunded the full deposit minus the handling fee of 25,00 Euro. In case of later cancellations there is no right to a refund of the deposit. Should no arrival take place without notice, we reserve the right to charge 95% of the total amount.

10. Cancellation and withdrawal insurance
We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation and withdrawal insurance. This insurance comes into force if one or more persons cannot travel or have to leave early for the following reasons. Sudden illness or injury so serious that from a medical point of view it is not possible to stay at the campsite, death of a relative in the first degree. Professional reasons are excluded. The cancellation and withdrawal insurance is valid from the moment of booking until departure.

11. Miscellaneous
The site management reserves the right to change site allocations if this is necessary for special reasons. Please note that in the low season there are modified, limited opening hours for the office, store, restaurants and other recreational facilities.

12. Information
Information given by telephone by our staff is not binding and therefore requires written confirmation.

13. Covid-19
If your arrival is not possible due to official reasons, you will get your deposit back. There will be no costs.

14. Liability
Every guest is obliged to treat the inventory and the stand space with care. He is obliged to compensate for any damage caused by him, his companions or guests during his stay. The Campingpark Heidewald does not assume liability for material and/or financial damages caused to the guest, his relatives or his visitors, as far as
there is no intentional or grossly negligent behavior of the landlord or his agents. Influence by force majeure e.g. weather strike, excludes any liability.

15. Site rules and night rest
For all stays the site rules are binding, which are displayed in the reception and the information boards and handed out on request.
The voluntary lunch break is from 13.00. to 15.00 and is not obligatory. However, the reception is closed during this time.
Night rest begins at 22:00 and ends at 7:00 the next day. In case of violation of the campsite rules, Campingpark Heidewald may terminate the contract without notice and without any right to reimbursement and expel the guests from the campsite.

16. Photo and video recordings
At regular intervals we carry out photo and video recordings on our vacation site. If you do not want this, we ask you to inform us immediately. If persons are not only to be recognized as so-called “accessory”, no publication will take place without consent of the persons concerned.

17. Price adjustments
Only the prices and dates stated in the booking confirmation are binding. However, we ask for your understanding that prices and services may change for factual reasons (e.g. increase in energy prices, increase in mineral oil tax and due to increase in value added tax or other taxes, etc.) until your booking request is transmitted.
Price increases after the conclusion of the contract can only take place if there are more than four months between the conclusion of the contract and the time of service provision. (cf. Section 309 (1) No. 1 BGB).

18. Extraordinary withdrawal, termination, house ban:
a) The lessor is entitled to withdraw from the contract extraordinarily for factually justified reasons, for example if – force majeure or other circumstances for which the lessor is not responsible make it impossible to fulfill the contract. Furthermore, if stand spaces are culpably rented under misleading or false information of contractually essential facts, e.g. about the person of the customer or the purpose of his stay, are booked;
or the lessor has reasonable grounds to assume that the use of the service may jeopardize the smooth operation of the business, the safety or the reputation of the lessor in public, without this being attributable to the sphere of control or organization of the lessor. Organization of the lessor, e.g. membership of the customer in a xenophobic or otherwise xenophobic or otherwise extremist organization.

b) The lessor is entitled to terminate the contract without notice for good cause, in particular if the guest insults staff or other guests during his stay, disturbs the peace of other guests, expresses or behaves in a xenophobic or otherwise discriminatory manner, has already made fictitious reservations in the past and/or has damaged the
and/or wilfully destroys or damages the inventory of the site or the equipment.

c) Behavior according to lit. a) sentence 2 and lit. b) as well as gross violations of the site regulations entitle the lessor to pronounce and enforce an immediate house ban. In such cases, there is no right to reimbursement of the (proportional) fee.

19. Data protection
The customer agrees that his personal data collected by us in the context of customer service will be stored and automatically processed. Both contracting parties shall comply with the relevant provisions of the Data Protection Act both for the duration of the contractual relationship and after its termination.
relevant provisions of the Data Protection Act. The Camping Park Heidewald is monitored in critical sub-areas with video cameras. This serves on the one hand for your safety and on the other hand for the perception of the house right. The recordings are only evaluated if necessary and only the required data is stored until clarification. Data will not be passed on to third parties. The video recordings are deleted according to Article 6 Lit.f. DSGVO regularly deleted.

20. Errors
We reserve the right to correct errors, misprints and miscalculations.

21. Severability clause
Should individual provisions of the General Terms and Conditions be invalid, unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable after conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remaining provisions of the General Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose effects. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose effects come as close as possible to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.

Status 01.12.2022